Out of the Office

“Out of the Office” is ebook about the Office of the Future.
This ebook describes real life stories about people and companies that have adopted new working models – Virtual Offices, Coworking and Teleworking – work spaces and innovative collaborative technology that allowed them to be more efficient and productive.

the authors


José Gabriel Quaresma

Journalist. Television trainer, consultant in media trainer and entrepreneur. It started in1992 when, by chance, was invited to participate on a sports program, weekly, on a local radio. And went looking for tools. One year later, entered the General Trainer Course on Television. For two years the CENJOR (Protocol Training Center for Journalists), one of the most prestigious journalism schools in Portugal, was his professional lab.

Was first classed in Radio and second on Television. Photojournalism and press are also part of his “curriculum”. The first step in prime journalism was given in TSF radio, in Lisbon, 1995. A few months later moved to TVI, television channel, leader in Portugal. Went back to CENJOR in 1997, to take the Trainers Training of Pedagogic Course and was invited to teach. Is Television trainer. Along the way took a Characters Creation for Fiction Course and wrote a biography.

Was one of the main presenters of sports contents in all slots. For 18 years that television is his natural environment and currently is pivot and editor in TVI 24

Carlos Gonçalves

With a professional path in the project management area, is the founder and CEO of the Avila Business Centers and Avila Coworking with headquarters in Lisbon.

In 2010, develops the myOffice app, the first worldwide virtual office application for mobile, having as partners the Portuguese Companies Empty Code (iPhone and iPad) and WATERDOG mobile (Android).

In 2012 won a CIO Award, which came to confirm the myOffice app as one the ten best IT projects in Portugal, after winning the Call Center Trophy in 2011 for the telephonic answering quality on the virtual office branch.

In 2013 is named International Director of the Global Workspace Association , the biggest association of Business Centers and Coworking spaces worldwide.

Is regularly invited to conferences and seminars about the new entrepreneurial organization models, namely the Virtual Office, the Coworking and the telework.

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the book

“Out of the Office” is a ebook about the Office of the Future.

This ebook describes real life stories about people and companies that have adopted new working models – Virtual Offices, Coworking and Teleworking – work spaces and innovative collaborative technology that allowed them to be more  and productive.

Throughout the ebook, and in each story, you have the opportunity to view interesting videos and your book comes to life!

Even after reading it, receive regular notifications, new movies, new chapters or other multimedia content, stay tuned with the latest additions from this outstanding new world of working spaces!

Enjoy the book!

Carlos Gonçalves and José Gabriel Quaresma

Out of the Office Book. © All right reserved.

the partners


Cisco Systems is a world leader in network and communication solutions, being an irrefutable reference of the IT market. Also provides services within the scope of collaborative platforms oriented to companies and professionals having as an objective to increase the efficiency and productivity of organizations, through data sharing and remote access to the office.



Steelcase is a world leader on the office furniture industry and specialist on workspaces organization, continuously developing investigation in this area. Its offer has as pillars the innovation and sustainability of office furniture, conceiving spaces of exception spaces tailored for 21st century professionals valuing mobility, collaboration and working “anywhere, anytime”.



LiquidSpace is a workspace ecosystem at your fingertips. Locate, book, check-in and share great spaces to work, wherever you are. Unlock spaces in high-end business centers, hip startup co-working spaces, and hotels, as well as private offices that have space to share. For real estate owners, LiquidSpace lets your space work harder for you – improving the utilization of your asset, by reducing the cost and complexity of short-term transactions and by increasing your ability to attract new users.



The myOffice is a virtual offices’ mobile application, world pioneer, available on Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android devices. Allows to be in contact in real time with the office, having access to telephone calls, correspondence, fax and other transmitted messages. This app also allows to locate other Business Centers being able to ask them directly for information regarding services available.



Finpower is a financial consulting firm, specialized in the professionalization of financial management in medium sized, family owned companies in Belgium: budgeting, business plan processes, financing and mergers and acquisition are some of their key-competences. And, since 2010, Finpower has specialized itself in the financial assistance of business centers and coworking-initiatives.



eOffice provides design-led, fully fitted shared office space and meeting environments for startups, entrepreneurs and growing businesses.  A pioneer in the European coworking scene, eOffice opens its first coworking venue in 2002 in Central London, steadily growing its presence ever since. With a number of locations in Central London and an international affiliation with over 200 independent, high-quality business centres and coworking spaces worldwide, eOffice is currently one of the largest international networks of this kind. In addition to hotdesking and flexible full-time office space, eOffice offers a wide range of meeting room, conference and videoconferencing facilities as well as virtual office and business address services.



EDP is a leading company in the energy sector and includes in its culture values and commitments regarding the customers, society and environment. EDP is among the major European operators in the energy sector: it’s one of the largest energy operators of the Iberian Peninsula, the largest Portuguese industrial group and the 3rd largest producer of wind energy. EDP is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the seventh consecutive year in 2014, maintaining its leader position in the Utilities’ Industry Group: Electricity, Gas and Water.


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